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December 2, 2009
Nature Center

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Welcome to the *new* Friends of Lake Hope Newsletter. We upgraded the list to make it easier to get out newsletters to you. If you no longer would like to be on the list, there are unsubscribe instructions at the end.

November has been the breathing space between activities in October and December.


Somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 visitors bundled up on a chilly morning for the 30th annual FALL HIKE. Thanks to park secretary, Kathy for the Chili, FOLH VP Tracie for the cornbread, and the many students from Hocking College for volunteering as trail guides. As always thanks to all the park staff on hand to visit, and provide information and transportation.


ROAR DAY was a fun day for all the visitors and participants who braved the elements. The day was full of activities - pumpkin rolling, piñatas, and hunting candy in leaves, antique tractors, beautiful products from many craftsman, llamas, and food by Uncle Bucks, and horse-drawn wagon rides. Thanks to all the staff, vendors, and volunteers who make this event possible.


Holiday Trail of Lights Dec 1-30.

Official Opening of the Nature Center addition tentatively Dec 19th 3-5pm.

FOLH January Board Meeting (open to the public) Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010, 5:30pm, Lake Hope State Park office.


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of the Friends of Lake Hope. Http://


I Heard It On the Lake - the new Lake Hope State Park blog, hosted by FOLH

"Visit the Holiday Trail of Lights at Lake Hope State Park with over 100,000 lights and featuring ......."

FOLH Board Meeting Highlights from 18 November 2009

New 2010 Board and Officers elected

    President - Brandi Betts
    Vice President - Malcolm Idleman
    Secretary - Tracie Laulusa
    Treasurer - David McPherson

    Additional Trustees
        Bob West
        Shelly Horvath


Many of you are probably already aware of the crisis concerning the State of Ohio budget and how that has effected the Department of Natural Resources and specifically the state parks. Continuing budget cuts have required long hours, sacrifices, and great ingenuity on behalf of the entire department from the Director and Chief down to every individual staff member at every park.

So first of all, thanks to all of you who have worked so hard, and continue to work diligently to keep the parks open and functioning. Our staff at Lake Hope is no exception. Park manager Randy Ziegler and his staff have done an incredible job working under these stressful conditions. And every dime of your donations has become increasingly more important to support the activities at the park. So give yourselves a hand!

At the recent FPOSP annual Fall Meeting Chief Sean Logan made the difficult announcement that ODNR had found it necessary to use most of the Lake Hope Dining Lodge insurance settlement to overcome budget cuts that threatened to close state parks. It would be impossible to disseminate all the related information here. Perhaps it will suffice to say that no one from the Chief down was happy to come to this point.

What does this mean for the Dining Lodge? Everyone is intending that there still will be a Lodge rebuilt at Lake Hope. The time frame will certainly be effected by this. And we will endeavor to disseminate accurate information as quickly as we possibly can. Mostly all of us associated with the park and the efforts to rebuild the lodge need to stay positive about the situation.

The Dining Lodge issue highlights the following concern:


You will be hearing a lot in the coming months about dedicated funding. That is a source of funding for Ohio State Parks and other entities that is not part of the General Revenue funds and not part of the budget that can be touched by the legislature. The Ohio League of Outdoor Sportsman are considering an initiative to be on the November 2010 ballot. Please watch your local sources for information concerning this initiative. As a 501c3 organization the FOLH can not be involved in political endeavors. However, we can encourage everyone who cares about the natural resources and recreational opportunities in our state to be informed and be involved and VOTE.

However, the Friends for the Preservation of Ohio State Parks is able to be politically active and they are supporting this initiative.

The Dining Lodge and Dedicated Funding are complex issues. I have endeavored to relay correct information.


The Lake Hope State Park received a grant for the National Wildlife Federation to begin a stationary archery range. The staff at LHSP have decided to locate the range near the shelter house past the beach area. The Friends of Lake Hope are currently raising funds through grants and donations to purchase supplies for the Youth Archery Program, and to build a deck and purchase a canopy to provide temporary outdoor classroom/meeting space for events associated with the range.


See you at the Park!

Tracie Laulusa
Vice President, FOLH



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